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Absolutely love it..... Can't get a thing done as too busy laughing. Keep it up guys

Clever, funny and so entertaining ⭐️

The most engaging, witty and hilarious podcast (coming from someone who never listens to podcasts, this is the highest compliment!). Can’t wait to hear what’s coming next!

In your face

Love all the podcasts as you guys know. An intro to mr Shayne’s music was very welcome indeed. Keep it going, looking forward to catching up with you guys for a bevvy or 3 soon. -Lee🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻👍🏻


Love this podcast!!! Now part of my sunday routine. Brew some fresh coffee and listen to you guys. Highly recommend this podcast!

Perfect while lazing in the garden

Great listen while pottering, when the wife is watching me, or lazing in the garden, when she isn’t watching. Trev and Wayne very entertaining

Nostalgia, Merriment & Words of Wisdom

Wayne and Trev have managed to combine laughs, high jinks and reminiscing about the older days with an astute and uplifting edge. (It has also come to my attention that my other half seems to be a carbon copy of Trev & Wayne regarding video games, movies and general life outlook (although slightly older and without a beard or motorbike...) The guys provide great listening, and great fun with a wide range of topics to get into.

How dare you dis test match 🤣

Great podcast light hearted good varied topics but loving subuteo and slagging of test match ? All i can say is how very dare you you nobs

Midlife Magic

Fellow Southend, Essex mid-lifers doing wonders to put a smile on your face with humorous and warming discussions on nostalgic topics that anyone our age will relate to. Lifestyle, and brotherhood are a common theme, something we need more of and that'll surely brighten up your day, it does mine! Keep up the good work boys!

Great down to Earth podcast with dudes of my age

Being a biker I could totally relate to the lastest show. Look forward to listening to some previous ones.

Rocking the midlife

I'm now well and truly hooked on the AMLO podcasts and always look forward to the next release. From a fellow Essex guy in midlife these guys are genuinely likeable and fun to listen to.

Cool AF

I wouldn't like to say I'm in my "midlife" but this podcast is great. It's just listening to 2 life long friends chewing the fat over topics that they enjoy. It's wholesome, it's funny. I love it.

Great Nostalgia

Congratulations Trev and Wayne. Fantastic to listen to, brings back memories of how fun the 80's were. Everyone of our age group will have recognition to all of the topics talked about. Just like sitting in a pub with your mates again! Keep up the great job.

Great listening

Great cast chaps. Brightens a drive to our from work in the car. The things you bring up have taken me back to my youth and made me smile. Give it a listen and reminisce on your youth too. Keep up the great work.


Nostalgia overload with boat loads of feel good factor. Well done lads👍🏻🎸🤟🏻

A Midlife full of fun/facts/frolicks.

The podcast is great down to Earth .. interesting.. entertaining..Up the midlife I say ...f**k the youth ....midlife is the new cool...if Elvis was around he would be listening.... .

Essential listening

Wayne and Trev make a great duo, the podcast is really chilled out, it's just like listening to two guys down the pub. I'm looking forward to more from these two in the future.

Awesome work

I don’t listen to podcasts but you’ve had me listening every week 👌🏻

Light hearted hilarity

When I put this on its literally like having them both in my living room whilst I'm having a coffee. Makes me laugh and the content is relatable, funny and right up my street. More episodes please !

Great work!

So good. Trev and Wayne really keep the conversation going well - entertaining, informative and funny. Feels like you’re sat in a pub with a couple of mates having a good old time. If you’re a man and around the half century mark - this is right up your street. You’ll love the anecdotes and cultural references. Top work.

Perfect in every way!

If a podcast could be designed especially for me, then this is it! For a man reaching 50, but in my mind still a boy, this is reaffirming whilst telling me I am not alone! Great work guys, looking forward to the next episodes.

Preview listening of episode 1

I don’t believe I’m the demographic for this particular podcast but I received an invite to preview the first episode which was a one off Star Wars episode. Never even seen the movie but I must admit that these guys made it sound fun. It appears they will be doing different topics each week and I’d definitely give it another listen as it entertained me.

This is right up my street

I was invited to trial the first episode in advance of it's release and I can say that it's a fun and vaguely informative way to wile away sometime, especially with things the way they are currently. Wayne & Trev are obviously great pals and this comes across in their witty banter. I will be saubscribing as I want to hear where they go with this.