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John Bartlett

Guest: Riding Motorbikes - Show Us Your helmet

John Bartlett has been passionate about motorbikes since before time began. From boyhood to manhood and from 2 stroke to 4 stroke John has stayed faithful to the subculture that is motorcycling.

John has owned a motorcycle school in the past and has extensive knowledge of making biking as safe as possible and he has also traveled across the USA on whatever else than a Harley Davidson.

John joins the A Midlife Less Ordinary boys to share his experiences on all things motorcycling.

Lifestyle Interview

Riding Motorbikes: Show Us Your Helmet

April 11, 2021

John Bartlett joins Wayne & Trev for an interview all about motorcycling, his experiences owning a Motorcycle training school and the dream trip of a lifetime that he took. A good episode for motorcycle fans or for others ju…

Guest: John Bartlett