Self-Improvement Lifestyle

Male Grooming Tips - To Dye Or Not To Dye!

Jan. 24, 2021

Wayne & Trev embark upon a discussion that is close to their heart and explore the often emotional subject of mens hair and what tends to happen to it as we age.

Self-Improvement Lifestyle Health & Fitness

Midlife Gym Tips - Suns Out, Guns Out

Jan. 17, 2021

Wayne & Trev reflect on the weight training lifestyle in which they participate in order to keep themselves in shape mentally and physically. Busting some of the myths surrounding bodybuilding and nutrition along the way.

Nostalgia Movies

Help Me Cool Older Dudes, You're My Only Hope

Jan. 10, 2021

Wayne & Trev discuss how Star Wars has influenced and shaped their lives since boyhood and compare the impact of the original trilogy with the general apathy that surrounds everything else in the Star Wars universe since.

A Midlife Less Ordinary-Short Trailer

Dec. 31, 2020

A short trailer that gives you an outline of the topics being discussed on the new "A Midlife Less Ordinary" podcast that will be available every week starting from Sunday 10th January. We hope you come and join us for a mid…