Jan. 12, 2022

Season 4: Episode 47 How To Beat The January Blues

Season 4: Episode 47 How To Beat The January Blues

Here we are with a new year to look forward to (and at our age that's always a bonus) and yet another new season from the A Midlife Less Ordinary boys.

Season 4 brings subtle changes to the format with a topic chose each week where Wayne & Trev can discuss, dissect, misunderstand and then offer their own brand of solutions to the perceived issues.

This new season starts with an episode entitled "How To Beat The January Blues" The guys discuss how it feels when the Christmas decorations come down, the turkey has long been eaten and you are bored with your new Xmas gifts and you realise you have nothing to look forward to in the interim. The January Blues are the real deal, they exist so let's discuss this condition and talk about how we can beat those blues.

As always thank you guys for all the support. If you have any suggestions or topics for the show, please feel free to contact us via the website.