Sept. 29, 2021

Season 3: Episode 34 Sunday 3rd October 2021

Season 3: Episode 34 Sunday 3rd October 2021

Another new Sunday, another new month and another new episode from the AMLO boys for this coming Sunday, where has this year gone, we are all asking?

This weeks episode features the regular AMLO weekly wipe with up to date and on the money banter about the recent news events, some of which will be of no surprise to our lovely audience.

The AMLO Stream Of The Week gives our audience another 4 recommendations to what to whatch on your streaming channels this week, with Trev managing to contain himself a little more this week and actually condoning Wayne's choices and Trev becoming a regular recommender of animation, manages to put forward another one.

Dick Of The Week is back and we will keep the subject under wraps until your hear the stream. The guys discuss recent boxing events and what may have gone wrong, football and its many woes and Wayne is excited to have seen an ex guest of AMLO on his telly box this past week.

It all adds up to what Sundays should be all about, at under 45 minutes an episode, there is no excuse to miss out on any AMLO, bring some brightness to your life this Sunday, we will be waiting for you.