Sept. 3, 2021

Season 3: Episode 30: The New Season

Season 3: Episode 30: The New Season

Well here we are with a brand new season and with that comes a whole new format. Thank you for bearing with thew AMLO guys whilst we took our hiatus to work on this new format that we are excited to bring you from this Sunday 5th September.

Where previously we have had themed shows which have been great and we have enjoyed along with our audience, we have listened to the feedback and it seems that it was about time that we tried more of a magazine show, so whereas before you may have looked at the episode subject matter and thought "that isn't for me" now there should be something for everyone in each episode.

Where season 2 was themed around interviews that we had gained, season 3 will be broken into segments that will be switched around from time to time and include many of the old favourites, so if you miss "Test The Guest" one particular week, there will be sure to be something akin to that old favourite the following week. Interviews will now be integrated into the episodes in a shorter sgment where the guest will showcase their talent, product, event etc and then you may find Wayne & Trev giving their opinions of this weeks movies and tv to stream on your favourite streaming service or giving it the news at 10 treatment with a weekly wipe segment.

The main difference in production is that whereas previously the guys banked interviews and recorded well in advance, they are taking a much more courageous approach in recording very close to release date which means that the guys can reference right up to date news and events and react during the recording to competitions and audience requests and shoutouts etc.

We hope you enjoy this new season, the guys believe they have hit the nail on the head with this new format and hope that listeners old and new enjoy the new work. There is one thing for certain, the banter and humour previously displayed on "A Midlife Less Ordinary" is non negotiable and will be as apparent as always. Hope to see you there from this Sunday.