Jan. 20, 2021

Season 2 Plans. How you can get involved in an episode. Read This.

Whilst we are only two episodes into Season 1 of "A Midlife Less Ordinary" We are near to completing the recording of the first ten episodes that will complete the season. This season has all been about Wayne & Trev's take on all the things they are into and as you are learning by now, what they think is cool and what's not!

So we hope you are enjoying season 1 which has featured only Wayne & Trev on each episode, but now it is time to look at season 2 and how we plan to structure this season and ring the changes.

Season 2 will be a season that features guest interviewees every episode who will present their hobbies and pastimes to you guys and answer any questions that Wayne & Trev may have in respect of their specialist subject. Obviously these specialist subjects will have a Midlife theme or something that we can all enjoy at this time of life and we hope that it may inspire some guys to take up a new hobby.

So to this end we are now looking for guys to come forward and be part of the show by presenting their unique specialist subject with all our listeners. There are no particular criteria for what the subject needs to be but we can tell you that we already have a Subbuteo expert signed up to take part and a movie and TV extra who will share their excperiences with us in true "A Midlife Less Ordinary" fashion.

So, why delay? Get in touch with us via the website contact form or social media pages and tell us what you would like to present on the show? We look forward to hearing from you.