June 18, 2021

Season 2: Episode 24: Learn Boxing - Raging Bullsh*t

Season 2: Episode 24: Learn Boxing - Raging Bullsh*t

Contrary to our subtitle which states "Raging Bullsh*t" This weeks guest is Glen from Glove Up Club who far from talks with fawked tongue and is actually a qualified boxing coach and personal trainer and he is here to encourage all of us to get off our lazy butts and take up the mighty sport of Boxing or pugilism if you like.


This is not about getting in the ring and battering seven bells out of an opponent, this episode is about encouraging people of all ages, yes even us lot in our midlife to take up the training of a boxer and learn a new skill which will get you extremely fit and give you confidence.

Glen eloqently explains what boxing training can do for kids on the street and his own experiences growing up and what he gets from boxing and training people. Glen gives his opinion on who he thinks will win in the bout of the decade with Trev the Cat vs Lumbering bulk Wayne in the ring, let's just say that Glen is a gentleman here.

The passion that Glen has for boxing and the people he trains is obvious as he explains all the benefits of taking up the sport. You could certainly do much worse if you lived in the area of Essex and wished to take Glen up on his services, but ultimately he is not just promoting his own business, he just wantes all of us to experience the adrenaline and fitness levels that only someone training as a boxer could experience.

So get your headphones ready for Sunday 20th June when this episode drops and join Wayne & Trev on a pugilistic pilgrimage.