May 26, 2021

Season 2: Episode 21: Antique Bottle Collecting - I'm Digging Your Dump

Season 2: Episode 21: Antique Bottle Collecting -  I'm Digging Your Dump

This week the AMLO boys are joined by Paul Cunningham who is an Antique Bottle Collector, the hobby that is also known as "Dump Digging" for obvious reasons that will become apparent during the interview.

A much more vast and interesting subject that it may appear on the surface as the guys find out and the similarities to treasure hunting are there for all to see. What's not to like about a day in the sunshine (that would be extremely lucky)with your favourite podcast on the headphones, whilst you dig away looking for the holy grail of bottle collecting.

First gaining popularity in the 1970's as a hobby, antique bottle collecting enjoys an almost underground and cult following that is still popular today. Paul tells us about what he likes about the hobby and the best ways to get started, which may involve gaining permission from a farmer prior to digging up his land. We learn a little about the history of how the bottles end up at their "dump spot" and what the most desirable bottles are.

Trev attempts to outdo paul with this weeks Antique bottle collecting edition of Test The Guest, how will he do? Well, let's hope he doesn't bottle it on this occasion. So, whether you have a passing interest in the hobby of bottle collecting or just wish to have an entertaining introduction to something you never thought you'd learn about, please come and join us for this surprisingly entertaining episode on Sunday 30th May.