May 12, 2021

Season 2: Episode 19: An Artists Life

Season 2: Episode 19: An Artists Life

The A Midlife Less Ordinary team are pleased to present this weeks cultural extravaganza as they interview Andy Downes, an extremely talented portrait artist from "The Little Known Studio" in Leigh on Sea.

Wayne & Trev attempt to find out what makes an artist tick and the struggle an artist has to fit in their passion whilst living their day to day lives and paying the bills. This episode is all about encouraging people to support their local art scene, Essex has a vibrant art community who often work together for the common good.

If you would like to find inspiration as a budding artist or are interested in art in its many forms, then this episode will give you a great insight into what goes into producing high quality art and once that piece has been created the job is not over, we come to the marketing aspect which is just as important. We live in a social media world where anyone can showcase their talents in various forms, but it appears that from an artists perspective, there is nothing better than to meet your potential clients face to face at a local exhibition or similar where they can intricately describe what went into their work, giving context to the art on display.

Andy faces Trev in this art orientated Test The Guest segment, so let's see if Trev can regain a little mojo after last weeks destruction by the Cold Stares front man "Chris Tapp" Afteral, Trev is highly cultural in his own right!

So start your Sunday the right way on the 16th , by joining the A Midlife Less Ordinary guys as they investigate why Thomas Crown went to so much trouble with his affairs!