April 21, 2021

Season 2: Episode 16 - All About Subbuteo - Flick My ball

Season 2: Episode 16 - All About Subbuteo -  Flick My ball

This weeks episode see's Shaun Allison join Wayne & Trev for an interview all about subbuteo, that iconic football orientated table-top game that adorned many a boys bedroom in the 1970's. Shaun progressed so far during his time playing Subbuteo as a child through to adulthood that he played competitively and actually got to play the world number 1 Subbuteo player at the peak of his power, but we will leave what happened in that game a firm secret until the podcast is available on Sunday 25th April.

There is a total loss of words for Wayne in this weeks game segment "Test The Guest" as the guest surprises the guys with a knowledge that throws the contest into doubt and reduces Wayne to little more than raucous laughter in disbelief, he only just makes a recovery in time to finish the episode by the skin of his teeth.

The collectible side of Subbuteo is discussed as well as the competitive side of the game, it's history and why it seemed to disappear into obscurity so abruptly in the 1980's. So whether you enjoyed Subbuteo as a child and would like to reminisce, or you would like an accessible introduction to the game, please be sure to join us for Episode 16 which is "All About Subbuteo - Flick My Ball."