March 31, 2021

Season 2: Episode 13: The Hazy Janes Interview

Season 2: Episode 13: The Hazy Janes Interview

If you have been following Wayne & Trev on their midlife journey throughout season 1, then you would know what the guys love to do with their spare time and how they like to live their life.

Now all of a sudden season 2 is upon us and A Midlife Less ordinary is presenting a season full of interviews where the guys have invited various hobbyists or artists to present their pastime or skill to showcase their talents and discuss with the A Midlife Less Ordinary audience.

Episode 1 (13 in sequence) is an interview with a Blues Rock duo from Halifax that recently released their debut single "Yellow Belly Blues" who caught the attention of Trev one evening whilst listening to Planet Rock. Needless to say Trev forwarded details of the track to Wayne who also fully enjoyed the single and the guys thought they would ask The Hazy Janes for an interview to discuss their music, influences and future plans. Thankfully Ellis who is the lead vocalist and lead guitar agreed to come on the show.

The Hazy Janes is all about supporting music and getting out there once we are all again allowed to and giving your support to artists who will need all our support once things return to normal fully after the year they have had. Wayne & Trev love their gigs and who doesn't enjoy live music?

The guys try to retain some of what is loved about the A Midlife Less Ordinary podcast, the banter, the comedy and a whole new test concept, whilst wanting to showcase various pastimes that will serve us in midlife well, all whilst attempting accessibility.

So, we look forward to you joining us for this barnstormer of a season opening and as always, we look forward to your continued engagement throughout this seasons episodes. Keep Living those good times!