July 14, 2021

SE2:EP28 - 2 Girls One Shop: Tales From The Sex Shop

SE2:EP28 - 2 Girls One Shop: Tales From The Sex Shop

For Sunday this week, something a little different from the AMLO team. This episode is an interview with the two girls behind the 2 Girls One Shop podcast that is a fly on the wall look at what goes on behind the scenes of a sex shop where the girls have worked together for fifteen years.

Wayne & Trev came across Charlie and Nina's work almost by accident and found out compulsives listening with their near the knuckle banter and eye opening experiences that are told within their episodes. 

For this episode we will warn that there is some colourful language used, bur all in context of the subject matter. The girls take about what to expect in their season 3 off the podcast which is coming up in July and give the AMLO listeners a little taste of what to expect when tuning in.

As one might expect Wayne and Trev are a little out of their comfort zone on this subject, but this makes for an overall very entertaining episode that will get you yearning for more from these two girls who are making waves with their very entertaining  podcast and will certainly liven up your Sunday.


So grab your earphones and a cup of your favourite brew and listen up to the only podcast you'll ever need.... Well, before the 2 Girls one Shop podcast came into the radar! Streaming From Sunday 17rh July, see you there.