Feb. 24, 2021

Se1Ep8: Strike First, Strike Hard, Strike Nostalgia

Se1Ep8: Strike First, Strike Hard, Strike Nostalgia

Strike Fast, Strike Hard, Strike Nostalgia! Is Wayne & Trev’s slightly obscure reference to one of their favourite tv shows of recent years “Cobra Kai” The lovingly bought back to life tv series continuing the Karate Kid legacy with all the original cast taking their places, that is of course apart from the iconic and much loved Mr Miyagi aka Pat Morita who sadly passed in 2005. If you have not given Cobra Kai a watch, then let the boys inform you of its quality in the hope you’ll do yourself the privilege of giving it a try. The show has been given the platform it deserves by being bought from Youtube’s Red subscription service to the more accessible Netflix who produced the third series.

Much is the intelligence and pure nostalgia of how this show is put together that Wayne & Trev are now contemplating as to what other iconic 80’s Movies and/or TV shows could be given a contemporary upgrade.

This week’s episode will give you all those nostalgia feelings for your old favourites and they are sure to be included, well ok, especially if you’re a man in your midlife as it may have a slight testosterone fuelled bias. Who doesn’t remember the classic A-Team intro music and monologue on a typical Saturday evening, or the introduction to our screens of “The Hoff” before he was a top pop star in Germany and eyeing up the ladies on the beach in Baywatch? They will all be making an appearance here.

So put on your Don Johnson shades and rolled up sleeved suit jacket, get into your Pontiac Trans-Am and make your way to the only podcast in town that can be classified as higher than the A-Team, Colonel Decker will be sure to be listening in.