Feb. 2, 2021

Se1Ep5 - Interview With A Villain

Se1Ep5 - Interview With A Villain

Following on from last weeks episode that was all about the glorious beard, it's history, its fashionista status and tips on how to grow one, we follow up with how you have a whole new social life once you have those showcase bristles.

This is an interview with Trev, where he lovingly describes the anatomy of a beard club and referring to the title "Interview With A Villain" which is basically a reference to the "Bearded Villains" or in other words the worlds biggest beard club, Trev busts the myths surrounding such circles.

From ongoing charity work to regular social meets either regionally or nationally, Trev shows us why it may be worth considering joining a beard club, that is of course if you qualify!

Joining such a prestigious brand as the Bearded Villains is a more complex process than just joining via an internet link or paying a subscription to join instantly, it's more of a process and you have to actually qualify with a length of beard deemed suitable to even consider becoming a member of one of the chapters.

But never fear, by listening to this one off A Midlife Less Ordinary episode you can obtain all of the knowledge you need to take things further, should you wish to.

The episode takes a different path to other episodes as there is no "Test Trev" segment as this was always intended to be a part 2  to "A Chin Full Of Win" and Trev wishes to get across to our auidence and potential beard club patrons as to how how much he covets and enjoys the brotherhood and friendship he has experienced as a member of the Villains.