Jan. 26, 2021

Se1Ep4 - A Chin Full Of Win

Se1Ep4 - A Chin Full Of Win

Now here's an episode directly suited to Trev and could be described as such as his specialist subject. "A Chin full of Win" is all about the beard. Wayne & Trev discuss as to what they believe to be the origins of beards and what they have represented throughout the ages.

Then the inevitable subject of current fashion trends and the wearing of a beard is discussed and who suits and who maybe does not suit a chin full of win as beards are apparently known in the beard club fraternity.
This episode would not be complete without Trev giving his very own tips and hints on how to grow the perfect beard; here Trev shares his experiences that have led him to his particular “showcase bristles”

It may not seem important when considering a beard, but how does one manage to enjoy the odd pint of beer when one’s facial splendor tends to soak up most of the liquid when the glass is tipped towards the mouth, here Trev shares the inside knowledge and a gadget that can purchased for this very purpose.

It is no easy to grow a perfect and splendid beard, but with this episodes tutelage you will certainly gain some knowledge to aid you in your quest and when we are talking literally years to get it just right, why take a chance?
The Test Trev segment is back in full swing this week and is themed especially about beards, so you can gain a little more insight. Ultimately, there is no contention as to whether a beard is cool or not to sport in your midlife, Wayne & Trev give you their usual lighthearted views on the whole concept of beards.

As always, Wayne & Trev hope you enjoy “A Chin Full of Win” Please do let us know in the comments below our blog episodes or podcast episode pages what you thought of the episode and what your take on beards is, we look forward to hearing from you.