March 10, 2021

Se1Ep10: Vintage Arcade Games: This Game Is Not Over

Se1Ep10: Vintage Arcade Games: This Game Is Not Over

Episode 10 of this A Midlife Less Ordinary season sees Wayne & Trev on a virtual pilgrimage to their childhood spent in the town they grew up in at the seafront arcades. The sounds, the smells and the of all things dropped sausages all get a mention here as the arcade nostalgia is bought to the front of their minds.

Who remembers the iconic Defender and Asteroids and the difficulty the games were set at which were consuming your 10 pence pieces by the bucket load. Co-host Wayne had almost forgotten how much of his childhood had been influenced by the arcades and their treasure trove of games and it comes across here as he seems more than a little bit excited at remembering the theme tunes to those blockbuster games. Trev, as always explains how he could afford to go on any game he liked as he had an abundance of cash at all times of life.

Test Trev is back as always, see how you fare in the arcade version! The stories regarding collecting your change from the booths will give you a nostalgia fix if you ever changed your pound into usable currency. Trev goes off topic (not a lone incident) almost immediately and humorously as the episode starts and of all things regarding a tinned product from the past, you’ll remember it well.

What game is going to win the king of the arcade for the guys? Well you will have to listen to the episode to find out and please do let us know your own winner by contacting us on the website or by leaving a voicemail via the website. Please join us for this fun filled episode, see you there next Sunday.